Spend a couple of minutes watching this introductive video, you will learn all the basic funcions and usage of iReadFast.

How iReadFast works

iReadFast uses a simple principle to make you read faster: while you are reading your brain needs some time to control your eyes repositioning them word by word along the text. This operation limits your reading speed that otherwise would be much greater.

iReadFast displays words in rapid sequence positioning them at the centre of its window, in this way our brain does not need to follow the text anymore achieving much higher speed.

Main features

  • Simplicity
    You really need only a few minutes to learn the basic functions of iReadFast.
  • Flexibility
    The clipboard text importing makes iReadFast compatible with any app whitch supports text cut and paste operations.

Reading a text

Using iReadFast is really simple:

  1. Using your preferred application, copy the text you want to read with iReadFast to the clipboard.
  2. Switch to iReadFast and paste the text using the Paste Text button.
  3. Tap the Play button to start reading the text, and the +/- buttons to adjust the speed.

Beside this, there are other methods to load text into iReadFast:

  • Transfer files from other apps: some apps permit to open files choosing the app to use. iReadFast can receive text files from such applications (in the future I plan to make iReadFast open more file formats like PDF or RTF).
  • Documents Library: thanks to the documents library you can store any text (together with its bookmarks and the point where you stopped reading) to retrieve it when you need.

Reading speed

  • Our average reading speed is 200 WPM (words per minute).
  • With the speed reading method used by iReadFast you can easilly reach 400 WPM the first times you use it.
  • With some practicing you can achieve 600 WPM and more.
  • iReadFast is set to display up to 1200 WPM.
  • Multi-word visualization permits to multiply furthermore the actual reading speed.

Usage suggestions

Alcuni consigli per ottenere il massimo da iReadFast:

  • Relax
    Prepare to use iReadFast relaxed and in a comfortable position; start the playing and observe the display, let the words come to you like if you was watching the TV.
  • Find the right balance between speed and comprehension
    A too low speed will make your brain become "bored" and start thinking to other things in the wait between a word and the other, while a too high speed will make you loss too much words limiting your comprehension.
  • Try out with increasing speeds
    doing it at beginning you will find the best speed for you, then do it like an exercise to achieve greater speeds.
  • Not all texts are equal
    The ideal speed depends also on the characteristics of the text. Complex texts or foreign language texts could require lower speeds than which you are used.


Through bookmarks iReadFast gives you a fast way to mark, while reading, the prases you consider important or that you want to read again later to best comprehend them.

While reading a text you just have to tap the bookmark button to register a bookmark for the phrase you are currently reading.

Pulsante segnalibro

iReadFast considers your reaction times: even if you are reading at high speed, the bookmark will be registered for the correct phrase also if the program is just passed to the next one.

Documents library

In the documents library you can store your text documents and have them always available.

When you save a text in the library, the bookmarks and current reading position are stored together with them.
From that moment, iReadFast keeps their states always updated: every time you will open a document that is in the library you will find it in the same state as it was the last time you used it.



The Flickering function is a help to the speed reading expecially useful at medium-high speeds. With flickering enabled iReadFast displays shortly a black screen between a word and the other generating a flickering effect. This effect signals more clearly the passage from a word to the next making it easier for the brain to see the word has changed and to read it.

Advanced Timing

The Advanced Timing function is a help to the comprehension. When the Advanced Timing function is enabled iReadFast makes longer pauses when it encounters stippling to facilitate the text comprehension.

Multi-word visualization

This option premits you to literally multiply your reading speed! When multi-word is enabled iReadFast can display more than a word at once, joining words together until their length is as near as possible to the number of characters specified.